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We know how very important your wedding day is to you, how much time, and thought you have given to making it a day to remember. We understand your desire to capture each moment and to be able to look back years from now and remember every detail.

Wedding videos have become the standard for accomplishing these goals. Nothing can capture the heart and soul of your wedding like a professionally edited video

We take the commission of this task very seriously; planning how to best record the moments and taking great care in editing so that your video accurately and beautifully reflects not only your wedding day but your individuality.

Congratulations!... and thank you for visiting our site. If you have any questions, please contact us.




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.: Testimonials

Natalie and Ben

Thank You, SiriusCinema for capturing all the precious moments of our special day!! We were so pleased with the wedding video and have received nothing but compliments from all who have viewed it. Its wonderful knowing that all we have to do to relive our special day is pop in the dvd and sit back and enjoy every moment all over again! Thank you again!!

Kelly and Kieran

We were very happy with our Wedding Video! SiriusCinema was great to work with and very professional. They caught all of our best moments without us even noticing they were there. We would highly recommend them to video your Wedding. Thanks again!!

Holly and Scott

We are so pleased with our wedding video. It exceeded our expectations. They spent a lot of time with us and captured all the special moments from our rehearsal to our reception. It is so wonderful to be able to watch and remember what a wonderful time it was for us. We can’t imagine not having our video. So many memories would be lost without it.

Heather and Brad

Our wedding video is such a pleasure to watch. We are so glad we had one done. They did a wonderful job of capturing the moments of the day and setting it all to music. They even used music that was part of our ceremony in the video. That just made it all the more special to us. Thank you SiriusCinema!

Laura and Gary

I couldn’t get enough of watching Gary and Laura’s wedding video. For a long time after we received it I would pop it in our DVD player and just watch it over and over. It is delightful and such a wonderful reminder of all that was so special that day. I am so happy Gary and Laura have it! It will be all the more meaningful to them in years to come.

Della, Mother of the Groom